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Better Pledge Drives Made Easy

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PROMPLI - Better pledge drives made easy


Our Mission

Prompli's mission is two-fold - - Make it easy to build a better pledge drive - FAST - and develop the first comprehensive performance metrics for pledge.



Prompli is all-in-one cloud-based pledge break building and analytics platform. It can be used seamlessly by both public radio and TV stations. Use it as often as you like for radio and TV drives. No extra fee for additional stations within your organization.


24/7 Customer Support

Prompli-certified reps based in the US offer 24/7 customer support by phone to assist with setting up your drives, accessing your account and more.


Build breaks for an entire drive in about 10 minutes!

Prompli was created by pledge drive expert Mike Wallace with input from 25 public broadcasting stations and was tested at Capital Public Radio, KPBS and KVCR. It is designed to be fast, flexible and intuitive. Our proprietary Drive Builder process makes it easy to build breaks for an entire drive from scratch in about 10 minutes. Yep!


First to build breaks and knowledge

Prompli is the first-ever tool to help stations build breaks AND build knowledge at the same time. It is designed to seemlessly integrate into your existing pledge drive management process, track pledes and dive deeper into the results to compare your results to other stations'.

Prompli Features

Unlimited use

No extra fee for additional stations within your organization.


Build break plans for an entire drive in less than 10 minutes.

24/7 help

Prompli-certfied phone reps based in the US ready to take your call whenever you need help.


Share break rundowns with your pitch teams and collaborate.

Track results

Track pledges in real time.

Share results

Print out results for each day and drive.

Import fast

Instantly import scripts and donor data.

Easy editing

Scripts are easy to edit, including bulk editing.


Compatible with all major browsers including Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Explorer.

Radio or TV

Easy to use for both radio and TV drives.

Prompli Pricing

Annual subscription

$299.00 / month with 12-month contract

Small stations

$199.00 / month with 12-month contract

* average weekly cume less than 75,000 listeners

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